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Jackets and sleeves

April 30, 2013

OK, so I have developed a bit of a Goodwill problem since moving back to Atlanta. I supposed there are worse problems to have, but when you are unemployed, you shouldn’t be popping in to said thrift store to purchase clothes which you do not need. I think that I am trying to figure out which Goodwills around here have the best stuff. And I go to a few, find good stuff, buy it and share it here. I think that is legit.

I have been in the market for jackets. Which is weird because I live in the South again and we all know how Georgia summers can be. When I mean jackets, I don’t mean coats. I mean something that is a big more casual than a blazer. Something I can throw on over a top when it’s chilly or as a finishing piece etc. The thing about not having a job is that you quickly realize the wardrobe you have crafted for an office doesn’t really lend itself to to life of someone who spends their day seeking jobs. I haven’t had a need for blazers (apart from the few interviews I have been on) but I have found myself wishing I had some jackets to wear.

So I ventured in to Goodwill with that purpose. I was up in Alpharetta (which I most certainly won’t be very often) so I check out the Goodwill up there. And boy, did I hit the jackpot.

5ff4cee0b10c11e2938522000aaa21ef_7Clockwise from top left: Light brown jacket from Ann Taylor Loft, black jacket from Express, khaki shirt dress from Target, blue and gray striped blazer from some brand I don’t know. Not pictures: navy jacket from Chicos.

I got four jackets and the dress for 30 bucks. Pretty proud of myself. They all fit me well and are what I was on the search for. I had been wanting a striped blazer for awhile (we all know how much I love stripes) so I was floored that I found one that was perfect. The shirt dress doesn’t fit in to the jacket scheme but it was super cute on and only five bucks. I usually try to avoid buying stuff at thrift stores from Target, Old Navy, etc. but I really liked this so I made an exception. It is coming with my to New Orleans this weekend.

So this trip to Goodwill happened on Monday. Well the day before that on Sunday, I went to the Goodwill closest to me by Perimeter Mall. I have already had some success here since moving including finding a J. Crew cardigan and a few Banana Republic tops. I went there looking for jackets, but ended up leaving with a handful of sleeveless tops, which are pretty much the opposite of the jackets pictured above.



Clockwise from top left: Dusty purple top from Ann Taylor Loft, multicolored top from Eddie Bauer, cream top from Talbots and teal top from J.Crew.

This totaled about 18 bucks. I bet each of these shirts when originally purchased were way more than 18 bucks so I made out like a bandit. I love sleeveless tops. They are great in the summer to pair with jeans or shorts (if it is really hot). And all of these (as well as the ones I bought a week or so ago that I shared on here) can be paired with work pants or a skirt to wear to the office when I finally get a job. I am excited to wear the teal J. Crew top with my white jeans soon.

So for about 50 bucks, I got all of those clothes plus a jacket that isn’t pictured. This is why thrifting is so awesome. I’ve been really impressed with the Goodwills in the Atlanta area. They are all organized the same from store to store which makes it easy to browse. I would say that I am done thrifting for now, but we all know that isn’t the case so why pretend?

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