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Dress me up

May 14, 2013

Eric and I celebrated our one year anniversary a week or so ago. It is crazy to think we’ve already been married a year — time certainly does fly. We took a trip to New Orleans, and while we were there, ate a fancy dinner out to commemorate a successful first year. Eric bestowed me with choosing where we went so we ended up at John Besh’s Restaurant August (a delicious, yet not thrifty choice). It was a fancier place so I knew I wanted to dress up. It was a no brainer that I wore this dress.



Top photo is me in said dress at dinner (which a delicious malbec) and the bottom one is the dress hanging up on my closet door. I did not get a full length photo of me in it.

I got SO many compliments on this dress, both from the photos I posted of it online and from people at the restaurant. I found it amusing because it was a $10 thrift store found. A few months back when Melanie and I took a tour of some of the local thrift stores, I picked this up at the Rag-O-Rama on Roswell Road. I initially purchased it to wear to the thrift store party I talked about a post or two ago, but I decided I’d rather hold on to it for a special occasion. The tag says it is JCPenney brand. And I have no idea what year it is from. But I love it. It is very lightweight and sheer (I wore a long slip underneath it) but it was super cute.

Have you ever gotten complimented on your thrift store finds?

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