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Five UGA grads whose eyes are bigger than their paychecks…

Current city:
Describe your personal style:
I generally go for a more laid-back, understated style. Right now, I’m loving bright colors and jewel tones. I love shoes, but I generally stick with cute flats or boots (or sandals in the summer) because I don’t tolerate wearing heels very well.
You’ll never catch me in…
Uggs with gym shorts.
Favorite stores:
Target, thrift stores, Plato’s Closet, Ross, TJMaxx
sts: media, graphic design, running, being outside and enjoying nice weather, college football


Current city: Washington, D.C.
Twitter: @katylucey
Describe your personal style: The thought popped in my head of “boyfriend chic.” I wear a lot of skinny jeans with v-neck t-shirts, cardigans, button downs or blazers with a pair of flats. Then again, I like a flowing top with a cinched waist (which my roomie says is my signature…give me a wide belt any day). I don’t place myself in to one style category — I go for what I like and what looks good on me.
You’ll never catch me wearing…
Any fur … not for PETA-ish reasons, but because I think it’s gross.
Favorite stores:
Forever 21, Target, thrift stores, H&M, GAP, Sephora, Trader Joe’s
Alliteration, every sport under the sun, running, politics, being a foodie, traveling, music, Matt Ryan, organization, journalism, horrible puns

550851_10101432609316290_668081882_nCurrent city: New York
Describe your personal style:
Feminine and classic. I work in Corporate America (think a lot of sheath dresses with cardigans) but I try to jazz things up with fun shoes. I’m guilty of wearing a lot of black, like most New Yorkers, and I pick and choose which trends to incorporate into my wardrobe each season. H&M is my go-to for cheap trendier items. 
You’ll never catch me wearing…
Leggings as pants.
Favorite stores:
Macy’s, Zara, H&M, Nordstrom, Athleta,  Gap for staples, any of the thrift stores in the East Village or Williamsburg
Interests: Running, yoga, retail therapy, brunch, cheese, trying new restaurants, wine tastings, staying caffeinated, college football


Current city: New York
Describe your personal style:
My style is under a lot of construction after a whirlwind year of living on rice-and-beans pay and having a transformed understanding of the phrase, “Do I really need this?” What’s survived: affordable, unconventional pieces paired with tried-and-true basics. Always drawn to combinations of black and purple.
You’ll never catch me wearing… Something that costs more than my paycheck. Bargain-hunter, born and raised!
Favorite stores:
H&M, Beacon’s Closet, Goodwill, Kohl’s
Shopping as therapy, reading magazines in bed, yoga, finding someone that will cook for me

kristenCurrent city:
Describe your personal style:
Nature-inspired. I like to toe the line of matching and clashing. To steal a quote from a friend’s facebook profile, “Anyone can make Marc Jacobs look cute, but not everyone can take something from a thrift store and make it look like Prada!” —Miley Cyrus
You’ll never catch me wearing…
assless chaps.
Favorite stores:
Anthropologie, Madewell, Zappos, Macy’s, World Market, Gap, vintage/thrift stores, the Kudzu Antique Market in Decatur, Ga.
running, reading, writing, music, design, decoration, media, certain aspects of various sporting endeavors.

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  1. June 25, 2010 2:36 am

    You know, I noticed this blog on the WordPress “freshly pressed”, I love it! This is exactly this kind of thing that I love to learn about. Though, it is unfortunate that you have no male contributors. I’m going into Visual Communications next year with a minor in Merchandising, so fashion and being thrify is something I very much enjoy. I’ve included a link on my blog. And if you’re bothered to visit me, I’d like to point you to a link on my Blogroll titled Biorequiem, which is the blog/website of the illustrious Mrs. Zoetica Ebb, who makes posts about being thrifty, and her outfits alongside her other posts. I think you all would really enjoy it!

    • June 25, 2010 9:23 am

      You’re right about it being a shame there are no men included, but women’s fashion is such a wide topic, and that’s certainly what we know the most about, being women ourselves. We did spend a few weeks back in April focusing solely on men’s clothing — click the “Men’s Week” tag to the right and it should bring up all the posts. Thanks for visiting Thrifty Threads!


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